"The Enfant Terrible of the chocolate world!" - Steve DeVries

Chloe Doutre-Roussel

This is my friend Chloe. She wrote about my project in her book, "The Chocolate Connoisseur". She originally became famous when she was chosen from 3500 candidates to run the chocolate department at Fortnum & Mason in London.

Chloe now travels all over the world as a chocolate consultant. We have been corresponding with each other for years. She continues to challenge me to think deeper, see things from an independent perspective, and get involved in the world. And that is just what she does. One of her projects involves trying to catalyze the export dreams and range of EL CEIBO, a coop of cocoa growers in Bolivia (www.elceibo.com). Chloe is passionate, uncompromising, and has a very kind heart.