"The Enfant Terrible of the chocolate world!" - Steve DeVries


“Amy, You are so grown up now. You are very special (I always knew that about you). You know that I live in a third world country and I face poverty almost every day. I don't understand why some have so much and so many have nothing. For sure we need to change that, and I agree with you that the starting point is education.

I am very sensitive and when I was reading your comments, I could not stop the tears from my eyes. I feel so sorry for all those kids and the situation there (worse than here). What I don't understand is that where you have cacao plantations, you have poverty. It should be the opposite, because without them there wouldn't be any chocolate, especially the good ones. So, I agree with you that we have to do something.”

Renata Fantini - chocolatier, Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 3,2009

“Amy, I am so honored that you shared your Ghanaian experiences with me. I know the trip was a transformative one. I really responded to your insights, especially in your intro... "Citizen of the World" is my coda. I feel that if everyone could shift to that perspective the world would be a more peaceful, compassionate place.”

Linda Pagan, NYC, September 4,2009