"The Enfant Terrible of the chocolate world!" - Steve DeVries

Pascal LeGac tasting my chocolate bar

After making my first bar, I went to a chocolate class at Maison du Chocolat in New York. Pascal LeGac came from Paris to give the class and let us taste his truffles. He spoke only French, so Nora Hovaresian translated for him. I enjoyed it and asked many questions. After the class I showed him my chocolate bar. He tasted it and was very surprised. He wanted to know how I did it.

We took pictures together along with his assistant Marcel Owana. As I left the store, Pascal and everyone working there gave me a round of applause. I felt wonderful and was so glad that I decided not give up.

I visited Pascal the next time he was in New York and shared my latest chocolate with him.

Pascal just opened his own chocolate shop in Saint-Germain en Laye, just outside of Paris ( legac-chocolatier.fr). I wish him much success and I can't wait to visit him someday to taste his chocolates.